Yesterday, we got back from the most wonderful Thanksgiving break in Florida.

Theo worked on Wednesday night until 11 pm, then he has a 1 and 1/2 hour drive home, so we weren’t able to leave for Florida until 1 am on Thanksgiving day. The GPS told us it would take 15 hours, and we did it in 16. It is really hard to stay awake driving all night, but driving through the night on a national holiday is certainly the fastest way to get from point a to point b! There was no traffic, no construction, nothing that slowed us down. Well, except for the fact that almost every restaurant is closed on Thanksgiving day. Good for them, but for us traveling, it was hard to find some breakfast and lunch!

Here we are about 12 hours into our trip..

As soon as we arrived in Florida, we sat down to a wonderful African meal. It wasn’t a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but it was all of our favorite foods, so why not?? (I was so exhausted and hungry and glad to be there that I forgot to take any pictures…)

After dinner, we got to go and visit with the Smiths. The Smiths were my dorm parents at Sahel, and they have poured so much into my life (even if I didn’t realize it at the time =) ). I haven’t seen them since my junior year of high school, and it was SO. GOOD. catching up with them.

We crashed early that night, and woke up to this glorious brunch at the Grandparents house: 

Bacon, eggs, potatoes and sticky buns for breakfast dessert! 

After a breakfast like that, whats a person to do besides just lay around and chat? And listen to beautiful piano music, of course!

And torture your brother-in-law with a cat stick thing…

We took a group picture before Uncle Dean and his family had to head to the airport and back to CA. It was so great to see them as well!

After laying around for far too long, we finally decided that we needed to make the best of the Florida weather and spend as much time as possible outside. The retirement home that my Grandparents live at has a heated pool, so the boys decided to use it. Kelly and I just sat out and watched, relaxed, and soaked up some warm sun rays.

Theo has been to Sebring many times before with his family, and he knew of a great State Park with some awesome hiking trails and some Florida wildlife. So he took us to Highland Hammock Park. It was beautiful! We picked a short trail that went through an alligator swamp, but we never got to see an alligator! Boo! We then went looking for a geocache, but no luck there, either. Even though we didn’t find an alligator or a geocache, it was still fun to be outside in the warmer weather with family!

We enjoyed a fun evening of eating dinner, and watching old home videos. Getting to see my mama pregnant and my Dad with a mustache and my brother being all chubby and cute was fantastic! We had a lot of laughs that night!

In the morning, we ate a relaxed breakfast and lazed around before it was time to for everyone to leave. Daniel and Kelly were brave and took a greyhound bus all the way back to D.C. Since they had a 20 hr drive, they had to leave early Saturday afternoon. After they left, Theo and I watched some T.V. and then took off for Theo’s brothers house.

We drove down to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with my Grandparents, but when we started making plans we realized that Titus and Joanna only live 1.5 hrs away. It was a little distance, but after driving 16 hours, that didn’t seem like it was out of our way at all!

We really enjoyed our time with family! We got to eat some food, play some games and just hang out. We also got to go to the beach and see some dolphins! That was pretty cool!

After cramming all that wonderfulness into a few days, we began the long drive back North. It should have taken us about 16 hours, but we got to a point in the night where neither of us could keep our eyes open, so we pulled over and slept for a while. We also hit traffic as everybody and their brother was driving back home after the Thanksgiving holidays. So, it took us around 21 hours. THAT was a long drive!

We arrived home to a very happy cat and a very sick dog. We aren’t sure what is wrong with him or how to make him better. Ahh, real life, back so soon? I threw in a couple loads of laundry, unpacked, did some grocery shopping, napped and tried to clean up all the messiness of my home yesterday. Today is back to work for me, more laundry, trying to make the sick dog feel better, and cleaning, cleaning cleaning!

How was your Thanksgiving?


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  1. Thanks for all the pictures! I appreciate them more than you know!

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