This man

So, I married this man. Theo. He’s pretty amazing.

I could go on and on about all the things that he does for me, but instead I will tell two stories that he has brought home from work that prove that he is in fact pretty amazing.

Theo works for a company that is VERY laid-back. So laid-back, in fact, that it is very unprofessional. It’s frustrating to us sometimes (like when they make him drive a top-heavy ambulance four hours in a snowstorm), but Theo is thankful for the job, and does it with excellence even if the company does not deserve excellent workers. His company transports patients, usually ones who are stable. These patients are often going from hospital to hospital, hospital to home/nursing home, or home/nursing home to hospital.

The first story happened a couple weeks ago. Theo and his partner were transporting a patient who was paralyzed. The man apparently lived alone and only had a caretaker that would stop in to help him. As Theo and his partner carried the man into his apartment, a huge gust of wind blew a TON of leaves into the entryway. While holding the patient and the door, Theo used his foot to sweep most of the leaves back outside.

The man looked up at Theo with tears in his eyes and said, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. No one else would have done that.”

Theo was a little bit taken aback, because he hadn’t even though twice about it…he just did it. But to the patient, that meant the world.

And that is the type of thing that Theo does on a regular basis. The little things that don’t seem to make a difference, but mean the world to somebody.


The second story he told me about last night, and doesn’t know that I am writing about it.

Theo has a partner at work, and since they spend 24 hours together at work, many of those in an ambulance, they have had a lot of interesting conversations. This man’s philosophy on life is very different from ours. Make money to buy the newest and best gadgets, eat fast food since it’s convenient, don’t save money. Now, I’m not bashing this mindset, because it is very prevalent in the US, and most people simply don’t know any different. But Theo’s philosophy is very different, and he has been conversational about it at work. Most of the guys that work 24 hour shifts will not pack a lunch, but eat fast food for all four meals that they are there. Theo will pack his breakfast, lunch and dinner and take it to work. Theo says that all the guys at work ask how in world he always has the best food, and how he gets his wife to cook for him.

Last night Theo told me that his partner at work has brought his own packed lunches & dinners to work for the past two weeks, and has lost 10 pds. Just from dropping the fast food. He has not gone out drinking in 3 weeks, because he has realized that it is expensive and not worth the time + hangover time the next day. He and his girlfriend have decided to start saving their money instead of just spending it all on the latest gadgets.

And he told Theo that was all because Theo had inspired him.

Proud wife right here. Really proud wife.


One thought on “This man

  1. And you should be proud! I love these stories.

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