Highlights of 2013

Hello there faithful readers!

I’m sorry I have been so absent from this blog lately! There are a couple reasons, but the main ones are that I was without internet access for 10 days, and I was hanging out with family for that whole time! So, that didn’t leave much time (or resources) left for blogging!

But I am now back home in Ohio, dreading starting work, and trying to milk the last few hours out of my break. In doing this, I wanted to do a little reflection on the year 2013. It has been an incredibly LONG year- I cannot believe that it was just a year ago that I started student teaching. It seems like FOREVER ago. I completed student teaching, I got a “big girl job”, we moved to a real house with a backyard (and chickens!), we researched, prayed, and started the foster care process, we grew in our marriage, ran a marathon, got involved in a church….I could go on and on. 2013 has been a challenging, fruitful, restful year. It has had surprises and setbacks, bills and traffic tickets, kitties, puppies, and chickens, life and death. Just thinking about it all reminds me of the faithfulness of God through it ALL. Through the celebrations and the funerals, the loans paid off and the traffic violations incurred (trust me…we got 4 tickets in this past year, none of which I think we deserve), God has been steady, constant, always there.

And so here is one highlight from each month of 2013:

January: The beginning of student teaching. Student teaching was the toughest 4 months of my life so far, and looking back at it makes me realize how many factors affected the whole experience. I am so thankful to have gone through it and gained the experience that I gained….but also thankful I never have to do it again!


February: February was a tough month for me, getting into the student teaching grind, feeling like there was no end in sight. Time with Theo was few and far between, and that just did not help at all. As I look through my pictures from the month, I realize how intentional we had to be with our time, and how much that paid off in the end. A highlight of February was Daniel and Kelly coming to visit, and Daniel and Theo treating Kelly and I to a spa day, complete with a massage, and hand and feet treatments!


March: We got some tats. Theo and I finally took the plunge and got our tattoos that we have always talked about but never done. I have honestly not regretted this decisions at all. I love the placement and the tat…but I don’t know if I would ever get another one.


April: Finishing up student teaching, meaning I was so close to the end, yet absolutely overwhelmed with the workload. Most evenings looked like this, with me working on a project and Theo helping me out. My Mom also arrived back in the States, adding so much excitement!


May: Graduation from Cedarville and a month of vacation! I cannot even explain how fantastic this month was. I got to see my family, I got to spend MUCH needed time with Theo, celebrated our first anniversary and a couple birthdays! I got to close one really difficult chapter and begin another.


June: June was a great month spent outside as much as possible. I also started my job and Theo started a full-time shift, so it wasn’t all play…but it sure beat those long winter months of student teaching! We tried to do stuff outside almost every day, and get ourselves to the pool or the canoeing place or SOMEWHERE outside each weekend. Oh, how I love summertime!


July: Joy’s Wedding

Theo and I traveled to New York for Peter and Joy’s wedding! It was a lot of fun.


August: Hines Family Reunion

We got to head up to Michigan for another family reunion, this one at the lake! It was dreary and overcast most of the weekend, but we took every chance we had to relax and head out on the water!


September: Completing our first marathon- together. Uh, yeah…enough said.


October: October was another month of just being- spending time outside, continuing to run, enjoying time with our cat and ourdog…all that jazz. And sometimes I think its ok to have months that aren’t a huge deal.


November: Trip to Florida for Thanksgiving!

Seeing the Hall side of the family, as well as Daniel and Kelly. Hanging out, plus the looong drive with the hubs.  We had a great time!


December: Trip to Michigan for Christmas

Spending lots of time with family, playing games, doing puzzles, relaxing, and of course, enjoying the outdoors when the temps actually got above 0.


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