11 weeks!

I plan on doing these weekly updates, just so that my family who is far can keep up with my pregnancy. If you are getting tired of pregnancy updates on this blog, check back in a few days, and I will have more/different content! I don’t want to bore you all with week by week updates, when most things haven’t changed.

I didn’t do a chalkboard this week…I have no real reason why, I just never got around to it. I will try to do one tomorrow, just so when I look back I can have the details and the memories.

This week has been a tough one. I woke up this morning and the morning sickness seems to have disappeared (fingers crossed it’s for good!), but the rest of the week has just been ROUGH with sickness and energy. 


How Far Along: 11 weeks

Size of Baby: A lime

Total Weight Gain: Last week I mentioned that I lost a couple pounds. This week I’m gaining those pounds back, but still haven‘t gained weight since my pre-pregnancy weight.

Maternity Clothes: I usually wear leggings under my jeans to stay warm, but I found out yesterday that that is a thing of the past. I can still wear and button my jeans, but not with leggins underneath! My shirts are all still fitting, but some of my cami’s are getting tighter and just feel uncomfortable, so I will have to be on the lookout for some stretchy tanks. I’m going to be on the lookout for creative ways to stretch my current wardrobe, instead of spending tons of money on maternity clothes.

Gender: Everyone I have talked to predicts boy! We are planning on finding out the gender at 20 weeks. At first, we were going to wait, but now that we are SO convinced that it’s a boy I need to find out in order to prepare myself ahead of time if it’s a girl! We also already have names picked out, but won’t be announcing those for a LOOONG time yet. 

Movement: I can’t wait for this happen!

Sleep: It’s great, and I never want to get out of bed in the morning (a total switch from my normal morning-person self). I am waking up at least once to go to the bathroom.

What I miss: Having energy!!! Hoping it’s coming back this week or next… 

Food Cravings: Carrots. Cantaloupe. Fruit. Mexican, Italian or Asian food. Anything with a butt-load of carbs. 

Food Aversions: Sugar in anything doesn’t even appeal to me. I have also developed a strong dislike for the smell of garlic salt that Theo pours on everything he eats. I don’t mind the flavor when it gets mixed into the food, but the smell of the actual garlic salt almost sends me over. When I open my spice cupboard, it has the same effect. None of the spices bother me in and of themselves, but all the smells mixed together KILL me.

Symptoms: Starting to have pains here and there, mostly in my back, and my legs. I can literally feel my body growing and shifting to support the growth. The nausea is getting better each day, PRAISE THE LORD! The energy is still low, but hopefully improving. 

Worst Moment This Week: Having a student barf. Poor thing, and the teacher could hardly even help. I absolutely could not handle the smell. I haven’t puked yet this pregnancy, but that was the closest I have gotten!

Best Moment This Week: Waking up this morning and not feeling sick!

What I’m Looking Forward To: Summer. Finding out the gender. My parents coming back to the States to meet this little one.

Exercise this week: Few and far between. Ummm…two long walks, but that is it. I really need to get on this whole exercising routine thing. I know that it will help me more than I can even imagine.

And that’s week 11 for you!



Nothing too serious or interesting to post today, just a couple updates on our home study, this pregnancy, and our January fast.
It has finally warmed up a little outside today, and I have been trying to work up the motivation to head outside for a walk or a jog. I’m wiped out, though. Usually I get many, many things done on Saturdays, but last night I slept 10 hours, and when I woke up, I got myself out of bed only to plop myself on the couch. I haven’t moved since. So, onto the meat of this post:

1. OUR HOME STUDY! We met with our case worker yesterday for part 1 (of 4) of the home study. Theo and I furiously cleaned the WHOLE house. I even cleaned INSIDE the closets of each of the rooms. I re-folded all of the towels and sheets in the linen cupboard. Theo spent time in the freezing garage organizing it and making sure it was clean. The lady walked it, said “hello”, and sat down at the dining room table. The only rooms she entered were the living room, the dining room and the bathroom. Well, at least I know for next time I can just throw everything into the (now organized) linen closet, and we won’t be judged for it. Ha! The meeting was over 3 hours long, and included going over paperwork, with the case worker explaining the paperwork that most people get tripped up on. We told her almost immediately about the pregnancy, and it didn’t cause any problems at all. She said we will continue the process as before, but we will be “on hold” until we decide that we are ready for a foster child. So, essentially, the ball is in our court. She did warn us, however, that if we wait too long, things will begin to expire. So for now we are praying that the Lord will show us WHEN to accept a foster child into our home. The meeting continued with a very thorough interview, asking us WHY we wanted to foster, WHAT we expected foster care to be like, what we thought the difference between foster care and adoption was. She then asked us a million questions about our childhood, our family history, and nitty-gritty details about our immediate family. It was funny because I doubt the interview would have taken as long if Theo didn’t have 6 brothers! Haha! We also spent a lot of time talking about my childhood, especially the boarding school part.

All in all, it went really well, and I’m much less nervous about the next meeting. We will continue to get our paperwork together, and continue the process until approval. When we get to approval, we will see where we are at in the pregnancy and go from there. Thank you all so much for your prayers and for asking about the home study!

2. This Pregnancy Roller Coaster. Oh. my. goodness. Those of you who know me probably think I am an emotional mess, but so far that has only happened once or twice (Theo finally picked me up and put me in bed, and said “we will talk about it in the morning”- of course, everything was fine in the morning!). Some days I absolutely LOVE being pregnant. Some days I kinda forget that I am. Some days I wonder what the heck has happened to me and how am I only 22 years old and carrying a child, that I will have responsibility for, for the rest of my life???? Ah! The morning sickness has gotten much better, and has gone from 24/7 to just in the morning before I eat something and in the evening when my body is telling me it’s done for the day. I am starting to get a little more energy, but it usually shows itself in brainstorming. “Oh, I would love to cook that recipe!” my brain says, to which my body replies, “But then I have to stand up and go to the kitchen, and get stuff out and cook it and then clean up. Ok, no thanks.” Or, “I should put make-up on and do my hair!” to which my body responds, “But then you have to stand up, and take a shower, and pick something nice to wear and put makeup on and do your hair, and then you will proceed to need a nap, which will make the whole thing pointless.”

Oh boy.

3. This weather- I’m confused. From two and half snowdays earlier this week, to weather in the 50s today. I’m confused. But I’ll take today’s weather over those awful negatives we experienced last week.

4. Our January Fast. Every month of this year, we are fasting from something different. January is our month to fast from spending. So far, it has been more challenging that I thought it would be. We decided that we would allow ourselves to spend only at Aldi, gas and medical bills. So far, we haven’t exactly saved any money this month. But I don’t think that the whole point of the month is saving money. It’s restraining ourselves from spending on this and that. So many times I stop at Wal-mart on my way to grab ONE item, and I leave with 5 or 6 things that I spotted and think I REALLY, REALLY need. Aldi is out of my way, and I have to intentionally make a list and drive all the way there to go shopping. It is really showing me what controls me, and what I don’t have control of (my spending!). It’s also really hard to not stop and get fast food! Since getting pregnant, the easiest thing to do after a long day is pick up that hamburger or that sub that I have been craving all day long. But to be free of spending this month means saying NO and going home to make myself a sub, instead of buying one. So far this month we have not been perfect. Theo needed some books for a class that he is taking, so we ended up ordering some books. We also had to buy some of our groceries at another store when the snow storm closed Aldi and we had just arrived back from 10 days in Michigan, meaning NO food in the house. I can’t believe we are only 11 days into January. I really hope that I make it through January in my regular jeans, though….cause I don’t think Aldi sells pregnancy stretch pants!

And for those of you wondering if we took into account pregnancy when we planned this year-long fast, we did. That is why I planed a fast from clothes in August (the month the little one should arrive), and a fast from food AFTER the baby is born.)

I will try to post 2-3 times a month about our fast, some posts may even be only about the fast. I challenge you to take at least one month of this year and fast from something, too!

Well, I guess that is all for now- and no pictures to share with you all, either! Sad day. I hope that your Saturday is warm, productive and enjoyable!