12 weeks

*sorry this picture is SO much white wall! I need to edit and crop it, but wanted to get this post done before work*

How Far Along: 12 weeks

Size of Baby: A plum! 

Total Weight Gain: Still haven’t gained any… 

Maternity Clothes: None. But I’ve started unbuttoning my jeans as soon as I get home from work! haha!

Gender: Boy? Girl? I guess it’s 50/50, although we are still thinking BOY!

Movement: None yet! Can’t wait!

Sleep: Heavenly. I love it. I have never in all my memory been a nap taker, and I realized just yesterday that I’ve only taken two naps throughout the course of this first trimester. I guess that’s not overly typical. BUT, it does seem to help that I get somewhere between 9 and 11 hours of sleep every night. I guess that enough for me….for now.

What I miss: Having energy!!! Warmth

Food Cravings: Carrots. Cantaloupe. Pepperoni. Pasta anything. Thai food. It honestly changes every day. 

Food Aversions: Ranch dressing.

Symptoms: Tired, Digestional “issues”, some nausea, stretching and pulling around the dry skin on my back and tummy, otherwise not too bad. 

So far, I haven’t really displayed the range of emotions that I always hear about. I am usually a rather emotional person, pregnant or not, so Theo and I have both been surprised by this. I’ve only had one or two “breakdowns”, and those were both easily solved by going to bed. However, I have started to cry through TV shows and get choked up when I read something even slightly emotional. Last night, I bawled through The Biggest Loser, but, hey…it was makeover week, so I had a good excuse, right?

Worst Moment This Week: Dealing with the cold. I feel like I say this every week, but with temps in the negative for almost a week straight, I just can’t deal with it! This has literally been the thing that has brought me closest to legitimate tears. I just want to be able to exercise and run and stay in shape, but I cannot stand to be outside. 

It’s also been hard to slay that green monster of jealousy when it seems that everyone in the area has had multiple snow days/days off. Since my center is ALWAYS open, I have had to go to work every day. If it’s gonna be cold, at least give me a day off!!!

Best Moment This Week: Having Theo home. It’s so nice.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Garage Sales! I just realized this past week what good timing this little one will be for garage sales! I will have all summer to stop at garage sales and browse baby items! yayayayayay! 

Exercise this week: Theo and I have gone to the mall three times this week to walk. Like I said before, it’s honestly too cold to be outside, and the mall offers a perfect opportunity to go for a walk and still stay warm. I’ve also started stretching every day, and thanks to Pinterest have found stretches that help prepare for labor. Some of those stretches stretch muscles I didn’t even know I had, so I also feel like I’m getting a little workout in when I do that.

And just as a little comparison… 6 weeks on the left, 12 weeks on the right.

I FEEL a huge different, but looking at this picture I can see that there is not much of a difference! Haha! Although, I’m realizing that I really need a haircut…boy oh boy, that has grown out FAST!


One thought on “12 weeks

  1. Nancy says:

    I had to look twice to verify if I read correctly that you have an aversion to Ranch dressing! WHAT????!!!!! No more popcorn with Ranch?

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