I Took the Plunge

Guys, I have some good news…and I have some bad news. I’ll give you the bad news first.

…I am shutting this blog down. I will not be posting updates here anymore. Not about me and Theo, not about the baby, not about foster care, not about my/our life. Nope. Probably not one more post.

Oh dear. Has something happened?

NOPE! Now, I’ll give you the good news!

….I have purchased a domain, which means I now have my own blog website!

It is, in essence, a new blog that I can do a lot more with.

I have updated that blog with the why, how, what, etc. Please feel free to visit my new blog at www.suzannehines.org


Guys, this is HUGE for me, and something that I have quietly been thinking about doing for a while. For all my faithful readers here, you don’t have to do much to continue to be a faithful reader. Without too much hassle, you can continue to follow my blog. I will still be posting all the same things: updates on my life, our marriage, my teaching, our growing baby and our process in the foster care system. It will simply be at a new website. From the blogger’s point of view, this will give me many more opportunities. From the readers perspective, you simply have to go to a different location to read my updates.

So, what do you have to do?

Well, first, head on over to my new blog, check it out, feel free to leave a comment!

Next, you might want to unsubscribe from this blog. I don’t think it really matters, since I won’t be updating it, but it’s just one less email you will receive.

Then, MOST IMPORTANTLY, subscribe to my new blog! That is how you can best keep up with updates!

Thank you so much to everyone who has followed this blog from the beginning (you know who you are!). I greatly appreciate it. And all you who sneakily read this blog, but don’t tell me…thank you for reading, for following and supporting me in that way.

So….go check it out….www.suzannehines.org


One thought on “I Took the Plunge

  1. jean devalve says:

    Suzanne,I tried to subscribe to your new blog, but it didn’t accept my password. I’ll have to wait until one of the grandsons comes to help me. Love, Grandma Jean


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